CARVART Architectural Glass Enhances Space in Many Ways

07-2017 Categories: Design
CARVART Architectural Glass Enhances Space in Many Ways

Legendary architect Mies van der Rohe once said, “The use of glass does compel us to go new ways.” Today, his words ring more true than ever. As architects and designers increase their use of glass in imaginative and innovative designs, CARVART has developed a product and service model that turns the A&D firm’s vision into reality better than most. Across all aspects of a project, our in-house team of solution advisors and project engineers help create and deliver a facility-wide platform of glass and hardware solutions that look great and bring light, transparency and elegance into a space.

And the A&D community is finding ways to incorporate CARVART solutions into a multitude of exterior and interior glass applications. Glass railings, for example, are increasingly being specified in featured ways in hotels, within office towers and throughout university settings. CARVART’s railings are customizable in every way to provide beauty, safety and function, both inside and out.  



Furthermore, CARVART provides turnkey hardware, engineering and project management that make it easy for architects and designers to design and specify with increased confidence knowing the overall glass aesthetic and supporting hardware are integrated from a single source. All CARVART projects can be designed with a wide choice of architectural glass in hundreds of colors, patterns, gradients as well as other decorative aesthetics. Each piece of glass can be uniquely created to complement the building architecture.

With a multitude of railing projects successfully delivered and installed, the CARVART team has a broad base of experience applying a custom approach to stairways, interior bridges, terraces, atriums, parks and balconies. 



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