Colored Glass Creates Healing Environment

08-2016 Categories: Design

Color has been shown to have healing benefit's, and what better way to harness the advantages of color than in architectural glass? We worked with Implant Logyca, a dental office in Arlington, Virginia, to use vibrantly colored glass as a therapeutic device and a positive distraction for patients undergoing periodontics and implant surgery. 

Architect Antonio Sofan came to CARVART to create a healing environment that would help alleviate patient stress. We employed CARVART Color architectural glass in primary red, yellow and blue, as well as vivid orange and green to give each operating unit its own dynamic and personality. Patients entering the surgical units are greeted with full-height dividing glass walls that communicate vitality and contentment. Etched into each glass wall, a description of its color and the benefits of that hue. Messages such as “green is a calming and refreshing color” and “orange increases confidence and joy” foster well-being.

Color is Unexpected Surprise

Patients reach the operating units via the main corridor that is rendered in muffled whites and grays, making the colorful units an unexpected, playful surprise. The glass walls also display the room number to direct patients and staff to the correct space in this expansive 1,800 square-foot office. Materials in each room were matched to the thematic color of the glass for design cohesion and interesting optical illusions.

Daylight Reflected

The five operating units are laid out along the perimeter of the building to benefit from the outdoor views and to allow natural light to filter through the CARVART Color laminated glass. Natural lighting is a well-documented factor in crafting nurturing spaces and positively impacting patient outcomes. CARVART glass reflects and enhances this light while creating intriguing sensory experiences.

Glass Opens Communication

The translucent walls open up communication lines within the interiors, fostering a collaborative culture for staff. In addition to projecting a sleek modern aesthetic, the colored glass conveys the impression of a successful practice where innovations in the field of implantology and digital dentistry are being implemented. Overall, the reflective glass surfaces in dazzling colors become the focal point of the project, giving it a signature look that has been covered by various architectural and design media.