Design Lessons from my TV Acting Debut

02-2016 Categories: Design
Design Lessons from my TV Acting Debut

When a popular makeover show for corporate spaces was tasked with moving a company into a newly designed office half the size of its previous workplace, Office Spaces™ came to CARVART for turnkey glass systems that would push the boundaries of light and space.  Moving the client, BrandStar TV productions, from an outdated but spacious office building to a small retrofitted warehouse called for creative visual effects in transparency and reflection. Tune in to see my acting debut and this cutting-edge workplace on Feb. 26 and March 11 at 7 a.m. EST and March 28th at 7:30 a.m. EST on Lifetime Network.  It’s a great show to watch over breakfast. Or set your DVRs to follow this spinoff of Designing Spaces™ that captures imaginative transformations of corporate environments. 

Collaborate and Think Big

CARVART was brought into the design process early on, facilitating a close collaboration that empowered all parties to think big and achieve the design vision.  We met with interior designer/show host Kalyn Rothaus in BrandStar’s Deerfield Beach, Florida warehouse to look at ways to infuse the open floorplan with light and luminosity.  The goal was to channel daylight from the perimeter windows into the centrally located cubicles without compromising individual privacy. 

Glass & Light Promote Privacy & Collaboration

Our Slimline Evolution System with CARVART Gradient glass provided the perfect office front system that allowed light to flow in from standing height but screened occupants from view when they were sitting.  To add energy and color to the otherwise neutral space, we selected a blue PMS color for the glass gradient. The system brings design cohesiveness to the former warehouse with consistent reflective surfaces whether you are viewing stationary panels, sliding doors or swing doors.  European styled hardware minimizes disruption to the streamlined glass fronts.  Patented soft close sliding mechanisms and hydraulic self-closing pivots control everything from the doors’ speed of closing to the pressure needed to close them to sound reduction.

A gradient white glass backdrops the office’s trophy case, providing a dazzling stage for awards without drawing attention from them.  The women’s restroom was invigorated with bright orange laminated CARVART toilet cubicles, while the men’s restroom is branded with warm grey partitions, both using our Cabrillant 600 series.    

Lessons Learned

Glass panels and partitions transform the environment into an uplifting sensory experience and create a spacious open floorplan that allows for collaboration as well as individual focus and productivity. 

While being on television was a new and exciting experience, I’d have to say my biggest lesson was the positive impact of participating early on and having the opportunity to customize solutions.  Many project managers would have contacted a local glazing contractor for clear glass or standard applied film without any special hardware or coordination between swing and sliding doors and little thought to how hardware and glass would work together.  In contrast, CARVART’s customized approaches establish a visual expression you won’t see anywhere else, energizes the space, evokes a positive emotional response and supports the client’s design and brand goals.