Finding Design in Unlikely Places: CARVART Discovers

05-2016 Categories: Design

While driving the major highway from Tuscany to Rome, my wife informed me that she needed to stop at the next available restroom.  Annoyed at the interruption, I pulled into a rest stop and preceded to discover a beautiful modern restroom with tempered glass cubicles and channel-style sinks that looked delicate but obviously withstood high traffic. I copied down the manufacturer’s name and immediately contacted them. That was the beginning of CARVART by Soema, a collaboration that brings the sleek European styling and handcrafted technology of Recanati, Italy-based Soema to the United States for the first time. Read More

Sleek European Styling

Soema’s sleek, contemporary aesthetic is like nothing we’ve seen in the U.S.  Our partnership with Soema now allows us to offer CARVART glassBOX, a series of vividly colored European-styled bathroom cubicles in a dazzling array of primary reds, yellows and blues as well as saturated white and black, neutrals or any PMS or RAL color.  The tempered laminated glass panels in smooth or satin finish appear light and delicate, yet resist scratches, atmospheric changes and the repeated abuse of high-traffic installations. 

Ergonomically designed locks feature lever and stainless steel mechanisms and are fitted with a free/engaged indication device. Anodized aluminum hardware has an adjustable self-closing pivot that allows for the smooth opening of the large doors on delicate but heavy-duty pedestals.  The system offers an optional nano-technological treatment to resist fingerprints and repel pollutants and is easily washable to support a hygienic environment.

The Look of Contemporary Furniture

CARVART Integra, sleek channel-type washbasins, have the look of contemporary furniture.  Extremely functional, hygienic, durable and practical, the basin’s smooth, flowing shape alludes to the fluidity of water and juxtaposes with the geometric lines and chromed surfaces of the integrated dispenser unit to create a harmonious contemporary visual. 

Designed by Italian architect Simone Micheli, the self-contained channel sinks can be installed individually or in rows of two or three. Available in solid surface or colored glass, they are integrated with high-tech dispenser units for soap, water and air.  These electronic, self-sufficient hand-washing units feature an electronic soap dispenser, water faucet and hand-dryer. An elegant mirror is fitted with backlit LED lights that show users where to place their hands by illuminating the designations of “Soap,” “Water” and “Air.” 

Hygienic and High-Design

The thoroughly modern materials and fluid styling make Integra a design focal point but also offer important hygienic benefits in high-traffic public bathrooms because users never touch the hardware. The multi-console dispensers are available in chromed solid brass or encased in a colored shelf that can be matched to PMS or RAL colors.  All mechanical elements are recessed behind the back of the plate and not under the basin for a streamlined appearance. The spouts can be removed for ease of inspection and maintenance. Soap is easy to supply as is the servicing for maintenance.

We look forward to introducing CARVART by Soema to U.S. designers seeking a more sophisticated aesthetic for public restrooms.  CARVART also will carry coordinating doors, lockers and electronic toilet control systems.     

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