Glass Doors and Railings

04-2017 Categories: Design

Glass doors and railings combine a sophisticated aesthetic with functionality and durability

Sophisticated and contemporary, glass doors and railings offer designers and architects a unique design aesthetic unmatched by traditional materials. Glass products provide inherent benefits, such as transparency, durability and cleanability, and reduce shadows and dark areas. This maximizes space efficiencies and adds a light, open feeling to commercial buildings.

While glass doors and railings aren’t ideal for every application, especially where privacy is a concern, they offer maintenance benefits as the material doesn’t rust, corrode or collect dirt and dust. New innovations from brands like CARVART are also pushing the envelope of what’s possible from a design standpoint. With a variety of colors, patterns, finishes and installation options, now is the time to specify glass doors, floors and railings for your next project.

Open The Door to Glass

CARVART glass doors can bring openness and transparency to a variety of projects, including hotels, conference rooms, offices, closets and entryways. Available in satin and polished aluminum and stainless steel, designers can work with the team at CARVART to create custom anodized finishes that complement their individual design aesthetic or match existing finishes.

Options such as a patented integrated self-closer, slimline frame and frameless system create a minimalist look and feel previously unavailable in highly functional egress applications. Whether used as standalone products, as seen in below, or incorporated into a partition system, CARVART glass doors will bring a unique and custom touch to your project.

CARVART glass doors also meet the demanding performance standards of high-traffic areas while eliminating bulky hardware and components. With solutions to accommodate standard locks and deadbolt systems, as well as invisible self-closers, the visual focus remains on the overall environment, and less on exposed hardware that can spoil the view.

Confidence Underfoot with Floors and Railings

Similar to framed and frameless doors, CARVART glass railings allow designers to create open, light filled and contemporary spaces. Ideal for public spaces, transportation centers, offices, boutique retail applications and even residential buildings (see below), the custom designs can be incorporated into almost any application where traditional materials would be specified.

Railings can be mounted to the side or top of structure, or suspended using our specially designed adjustable point fittings. Whether specified for indoor or outdoor applications, CARVART they combine sophisticated technology with a visually appealing and delicate appearance.

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If you’re looking to specify sophisticated yet durable glass doors and railings in your next design project, contact our sales team and learn more about us, our products and how to CREATE WITH CARVART.