SOEMA provides sophistication and affordability

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SOEMA provides sophistication and affordability

CARVART’s collaboration with Italy-based SOEMA provides designers with a blend of sophistication and affordability

Today’s commercial architects, interior designers, and facility managers are increasingly forced to balance both style and elegance with privacy and the growing need for gender-neutral options in restrooms and changing facilities around the country.

Specifiers are faced with addressing complicated ADA accessibility guidelines along with durability, serviceability, and operational costs. It’s no easy feat, but our partnership with the technical geniuses at SOEMA, designers of corporate offices, hospitality spaces, healthcare environments and institutions, allow us to bring a European-inspired line of cubicles, doors, lockers and fixtures that provide an unmatched blend of benefits.

Constructed of tempered glass or compact high-pressure phenolic laminate (cHPL), CARVART by SOEMA features a dazzling array of standard and custom glass colors, along with wood grains (digitally printed and laminated), stone, and marble. The tempered laminated glass panels also come in a smooth or satin finish and appear light and delicate, yet resist scratches, atmospheric changes and the repeated abuse of high-traffic installations. 

Designing for Gender Neutral Spaces

Providing better privacy and concealed invisible hardware, the cHPL Full Height cubicle takes restroom design to the next level. As unisex bathrooms grow in popularity, especially in large metropolitan areas, commercial designers need seamless and expansive gender-neutral options that provide the same functional benefits as traditional toilet cubicles.

Not only do full height cubicles offer privacy and safety, they are easy to assemble and require little maintenance, making them ideal for a variety of commercial spaces.

While public debate continues to rage over unisex versus single-sex public restrooms, this is a trend that is gaining steam and has the ability to affect commercial interior design in years to come.  

Taking this concept of restroom privacy a step further, the glassDOOR line of products affords designers a full range of colors in laminated, tempered glass that is resistant to scratches, cleaning detergents and atmospheric agents since all colored areas are between glass panels. It allows for designers to stylishly incorporate individual restrooms (not cubicles) in a central area. 

The ecological approach is evident from the raw materials and ingredients used to create the structures, which will also contribute to making public sanitary areas more attractive and enjoyable. 

Self-contained options from CARVART make it even easier when full height cubicles or individual restrooms are grouped together as they can be installed in rows of two or three. And designers can incorporate large washbasin installations that provide a shared hand washing area regardless of gender.

All mechanical elements of the trough-type basin are recessed behind the backsplash and not under the basin for a streamlined appearance. The water spouts can be removed for ease of inspection and maintenance. Soap is easy to supply, as is the servicing for maintenance. The thoroughly modern materials and fluid styling make it a design focal point but glassINTEGRA also offers important hygienic benefits in high-traffic public bathrooms because users don’t need to touch the hardware.

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