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Watch how CARVART Contract will inspire your space

September 19, 2016 Categories: Design

CARVART CONTRACT > Edward Geyman, CEO at CARVART, recently shared his vision and thoughts about the recent launch of CARVART Contract at NeoCon 2016, resulting in the BEST of NEOCON GOLD for Architectural Glass. Take a moment to hear his video overview of why CARVART Contract is a unique and unparalleled turnkey, facility-wide glass provider for commercial interiors.
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August 23, 2016 Categories: Design

When the world’s foremost maker of crystal glassware needed architectural glass for its very first hotel and luxury residences, it came to CARVART.  Baccarat Hotel & Residences New York is the global hotel flagship for the 250-year-old crystal icon.  Paris design firm Gilles & Boissier spent three years on the design that blends classic Parisian elegance with contemporary midtown New York.  SOM served as architects for the 50-story tower that...

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CARVART Impresses at Interior Design’s HiP

July 06, 2016 Categories: Design

CARVART was selected as a finalist in Interior Design’s HiP awards for glassBOX, a series of vividly colored bathroom cubicles. The HiP awards honor “industry pioneers and achievement in design,” making CARVART’s collaboration with Italy’s Soema a perfect match. CARVART CEO Edward Geyman discovered this popular European line in an Italian rest stop and immediately formed the partnership that would bring the award-winning line to the U.S. for...

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CARVART Takes Home Best of NeoCon Gold

June 29, 2016 Categories: Design

CARVART Contract took home Gold in the Architectural and Decorative Glass category of the 2016 Best of NeoCon. The new contract initiative impressed for its ability to transform walls and dividers into striking, reflective architectural features. Judges also noted that CARVART’s new contract-driven experience allows for individual creativity and expression in each project. The selection of turnkey architectural glass and hardware includes...

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CARVART Launches Contract Program

May 24, 2016 Categories: Design

CARVART has launched a new Contract initiative that includes architectural glass for wall cladding, full-height screens, workstation divider screens, tops for desks, counters and tables, and movable and wall-mounted marker glass.  All finishes have been curated to provide a broad, harmonious palette of 27 back-painted colors, 24 metal frame colors and over 50 options of laminated glass using color, pattern, wood, textile and gradient...

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