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CARVART Designs with A&D in Mind

April 17, 2017 Categories: Design> Download PDF

Curating facility-wide architectural glass and architectural element solutions for specifiers

April 2017 (New York, NY) – CARVART, a creative solutions company specializing in architectural glass solutions and hardware systems, recently expanded its C1 Collection and CARVART by Soema Commercial Bath products. The expansion coincides with the launch of the company’s new website, which presents upgraded content, functionality and a fine-tuned search feature for the A&D community.

The expanded product offerings are the direct result of more than two decades of experience in partnering with the A&D community and top firms in the United States and abroad. CARVART’s in-house team of designers, engineers, project managers and artisans have worked to bring new colors, designs, patterns, materials and functionality to market. Together, C1 and CARVART by Soema provide architects and designers with even more opportunities for creative, high- performance solutions in a variety of commercial applications.

“The personal creativity of architects and designers can be reflected through our C1 Collection and CARVART by Soema product lines,” said Edward Geyman, CARVART CEO. “With a carefully curated collection of etch patterns and integrated technology, the A&D community has an array of choices to reach the desired aesthetic and functionality.”

C1 Collection

A collection of carved and etched architectural glass panels featuring organic shapes and crisp geometric lines, C1 is an award-winning line of products that allows designers to create curated colors, views and pattern scales. The brand’s humble beginnings started in trendsetting Brooklyn, with all 12 patterns in the collection named after Brooklyn neighborhoods. The first pattern, Redhook, reflects where CARVART’s factory used to be located.

The collection is also available in 25 colors, ranging from pure glass to vibrant orange, in addition to four views (transparent, translucent, reflective and shimmer). Scaling and banding give the designer or architect the ability to customize pattern scale or tailor a pattern to enhance the functional aesthetic of installations and to meet design vision.

CARVART by Soema

With the product first discovered by CARVART CEO Edward Geyman at a rest stop in Italy, Soema is an Italian manufacturer of contemporary, high-end yet functional tempered glass surfaces, washbasins, cubicles, doors and lockers. Several years later, Soema and CARVART have teamed to deliver a powerful offering of sleek, handcrafted technology of Soema to the United States commercial interior design market. The updated line of products now includes:

  • Glass Cubicles (glassBOX-T & glassBOX-F)
  • Glass/Porcelain Cubicles (stoneBOX)
  • Compact High Pressure Phenolic Laminate Cubicles (cHPLBOX & cHPLBOX Full Height)
  • Electronic Self-Sufficient Hand-washing Units (IALI, INTEGRA, INTEGRA-B, -S, -M, -G, -A & -V)
  • Electronic Faucets and Soap Dispensers
  • Doors (glassDOOR)
  • Lockers (glass LOCKER & cHPLLocker)

CARVART by Soema finishes are now available in 26 standard glass colors, along with four metallics and two surface options (smooth and etched). Compact High Pressure Phenolic Laminate (cHPL) Cubicle and Locker bodies come in four distinct color options. All body hardware across the line is satin aluminum. Additionally, glass and cHPL are available in 12 wood grains, eight stone and four polished marble options when needed to blend in with existing natural materials or to make a bold style statement.

A New Way to Design

CARVART recently launched a revamped website that includes a new, company-wide search option. With this new search functionality, architects and designers can easily browse through CARVART’s diverse product line that captures the sensory interaction between glass and light through the visual effects of transparency and reflection.

“Our new website compartmentalizes our collections into three main product lines – Architectural Glass, Architectural Elements and Contract Products,” said Geyman. “In its new user-friendly application, the website changes how the A&D community can learn about the innovative solutions our glass and hardware products provide for the retail, hospitality, healthcare and workplace environments.”

To browse the new website and find information on products, capabilities and projects, visit the new



Heritage and tradition blended with creativity and innovation. Old world craftsmanship combined with new world cutting-edge execution. This is CARVART.

Led by Edward Geyman, CARVART has progressed from a mom-and-pop operation started over 20 years ago by father Anatoly Geyman out of a Brooklyn factory, into a thriving architectural glass business with clients from across the country and Europe. One thing remains unchanged from its small-company days – the Geyman touch – an unwavering commitment to providing expertise and personal enthusiasm for creative expression on every project.