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CARVART Impresses at Interior Design’s HiP

July 06, 2016 Categories: Design

CARVART was selected as a finalist in Interior Design’s HiP awards for glassBOX, a series of vividly colored bathroom cubicles. The HiP awards honor “industry pioneers and achievement in design,” making CARVART’s collaboration with Italy’s Soema a perfect match. CARVART CEO Edward Geyman discovered this popular European line in an Italian rest stop and immediately formed the partnership that would bring the award-winning line to the U.S. for the first time. glassBOX cubicles come in a dazzling array of primary reds, yellows and blues as well as saturated white and black, neutrals or any PMS or RAL color.  The tempered laminated glass panels in smooth or satin finish appear light and delicate, yet resist scratches, atmospheric changes and the repeated abuse of high-traffic installations.  For more information, check out the product catalogue here. 



Heritage and tradition blended with creativity and innovation. Old world craftsmanship combined with new world cutting-edge execution. This is CARVART.

Led by Edward Geyman, CARVART has progressed from a mom-and-pop operation started over 20 years ago by father Anatoly Geyman out of a Brooklyn factory, into a thriving architectural glass business with clients from across the country and Europe. One thing remains unchanged from its small-company days – the Geyman touch – an unwavering commitment to providing expertise and personal enthusiasm for creative expression on every project.