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CARVART Launches Contract Program

May 24, 2016 Categories: Design

CARVART has launched a new Contract initiative that includes architectural glass for wall cladding, full-height screens, workstation divider screens, tops for desks, counters and tables, and movable and wall-mounted marker glass.  All finishes have been curated to provide a broad, harmonious palette of 27 back-painted colors, 24 metal frame colors and over 50 options of laminated glass using color, pattern, wood, textile and gradient aesthetics. The CARVART Contract glass offering works together seamlessly across a project and can be completely customized for full personal creative expression. All are shipped ready to install with hardware. 

Privacy has never looked so sophisticated with CARVART Contract’s glassSCREENS in nearly 100 standard aesthetic options and endless opportunities for customization. Available in an array of heights and widths, the 3/8” and ½” thick tempered safety glass can be used as room dividers, screens for workstations or stand-alone panels. 

A new series of glassBOARDS transforms conventional markerboards into dazzling architectural features. Installed on a low-profile frame or as frameless or floating, glassBOARDS turn conference rooms, offices and presentation areas into sleek, polished, contemporary spaces. They are available in smooth or proprietary soft WriteEtch finish that is both writable and projectable with magnetic and non-magnetic versions.

glassTOPS reinvent and reinvigorate contract furnishings, projecting a sleek reflective aesthetic that upgrades new furnishings or updates old desks, credenzas, tables and counters.  The tempered safety glass comes in three thicknesses and 27 opaque backpaint colors with Smooth and Etch surface selections.  

The CARVART Contract line includes a wide range of products to meet every need. To see the full CARVART Contract line, please visit our website after June 13th.




Heritage and tradition blended with creativity and innovation. Old world craftsmanship combined with new world cutting-edge execution. This is CARVART.

Led by Edward Geyman, CARVART has progressed from a mom-and-pop operation started over 20 years ago by father Anatoly Geyman out of a Brooklyn factory, into a thriving architectural glass business with clients from across the country and Europe. One thing remains unchanged from its small-company days – the Geyman touch – an unwavering commitment to providing expertise and personal enthusiasm for creative expression on every project.