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Soema > Italian handcrafted technology is made available in the U.S. with electronic integrated washbasins and sleek European-styled glass cubicles, doors and lockers. Choose from CARVART’s dazzling array of colors and materials to fit your design aesthetic and desired functionality.


Sleek. Sophisticated. Modern.

CARVART’s CEO, Edward Geyman, discovered Soema at a rest stop along a major Italian highway and immediately saw the potential for their sleek European styling in the U.S. market. The beautiful modern restroom had tempered glass cubicles and trough-type sinks that looked elegant but obviously withstood high traffic. Edward copied down the manufacturer’s name and immediately contacted them. That was the beginning of CARVART by SOEMA, a collaboration that brings the handcrafted technology of Italy-based Soema to the United States.


CARVART glassBOX offers bathroom cubicles in a dazzling array of standard colors as well as saturated white and black, neutrals and any RAL color upon request. The tempered laminated glass panels in smooth or satin finish appear light and delicate, yet resist scratches, atmospheric changes and the repeated abuse of high-traffic installations. 

Ergonomically designed locks feature lever and stainless steel mechanisms and are fitted with a free/engaged privacy indicator. Anodized aluminum hardware has an adjustable hydraulic self-closing pivot that allows for the smooth opening of the large doors on discreet but heavy-duty pedestals. The system offers optional nano-technological treatment to resist fingerprints and repel pollutants and is easily washable to support a hygienic environment.

The cubicles project a high-end sophisticated look, yet are affordably priced. CARVART offers complete customization and turnkey project management from coordination with ADA codes through installation. We also offer coordinating glass doors and lockers, washbasins (with integrated electronic soap dispenser, faucet and hand dryer) and electronic toilet control systems.



glassBOX–T cubicles have vertical dividing panels that extend beyond the frontal plane, forming a visual of elegantly connected compartments with privacy trim, gender neutral.


glassBOX–F has a flush frontal plane that is secured to an overhead stabilization bar and decorative side panel, with anodized privacy trim between each door and divider panel, gender neutral.



stoneBOX fits perfectly in sanitary areas where a combination of functionality, hygiene and design elegance is required. stoneBOX combines colored glass with a marble or stone effect porcelain panel, creating a two-sided composition that is resistant to hard use in high traffic sanitary areas. The composition consists of matching 3/16" tempered glass, available in 26 standard colors or any RAL color upon request, with 3/16" porcelain which dominates the exterior perspective for an exceptionally natural and sophisticated look.



CARVART Compact High Pressure Phenolic Laminate (cHPL) cubicles have been carefully designed and manufactured in order to obtain a product with unique features and enhanced quality standards. Numerous innovative options have been devised to create and divide specific areas intended for bathrooms and changing rooms where hygiene is matched by a high aesthetic value. These gender neutral cubicles provide complete privacy.

Why cHPL Cubicles? One of the greatest strengths of CARVART cHPL cubicles lies on the fact that they are not only easy to assemble, aesthetically pleasing and functional but that they also allow easy access for maintaining purposes. On the contrary, brick or concrete structures are particularly difficult to remove when damage needs to be detected, they occupy more space and have to be integrated with other types of furnishings.

  • Cubicles in cHPL (phenolic),
    which is smooth not porous, is scratch-
    resistant, easy to clean, perfectly
    hygienic, resistant to high temperatures
    and vandalism (impact, felt pen marks,
    burns or spots of cigarettes).
  • Best use of space due to the
    remarkably reduced thickness
    of the partitions (just 9/16")
    whose sturdiness is similar
    to that of ordinary brick walls.
  • Reduced installation time.
    Once the premises are ready,
    the cubicles are assembled in
    a very short time without producing
    unwanted byproducts or waste.
  • Cubicles rest on aluminum feet
    to allow better cleaning of
    the floor surface.

cHPLBOX Full Height

The new edition to our cHPL cubicle family, the Full Height floor-to-ceiling system brings all the benefits of the cHPL cubicles while creating a seamless and expansive gender neutral look. Providing better privacy, with its concealed invisible hardware, the cHPL Full Height takes cubicles to the next level. Available up to 10' high, as floor-to-ceiling or with legs at the bottom for easier cleaning or ADA code. Offered in multiple color or “woodgrain” choices.



Integra is a sleek Italian-designed integrated system of solid surface and glass washbasins, faucets and high-tech multiconsoles. Extremely functional, durable and practical, Integra has the look of a modern piece of furniture. The smooth, flowing basin shapes allude to the fluidity of water and juxtapose with the geometric lines and chromed surfaces of faucets and multiconsole dispenser units to create a harmonious contemporary visual. 

The self-contained washbasins can be installed individually or in rows of two or three. All mechanical elements of the trough-type basin are recessed behind the backsplash and not under the basin for a streamlined appearance. The water spouts can be removed for ease of inspection and maintenance. Soap is easy to supply, as is the servicing for maintenance. The thoroughly modern materials and fluid styling make it a design focal point but Integra also offers important hygienic benefits in high-traffic public bathrooms because users don’t need to touch the hardware.

  • Sleek design for heavy-duty usage
  • Automatic functionality
  • Acrial solid surface material
  • Trough washbasin
  • Wall-mounted on galvanized steel built-in wall supports
  • One, two or three washing positions
  • Integrated Multiconsole with exposed spouts for
    electronic soap dispenser, water faucet and hand dryer
  • Exposed spouts are hand-finished chrome
  • Glass or anodized aluminum shelves for placement
    of small personal objects
  • Handcrafted colored glass washbasin
    with attached glass backsplash
  • One, two or three continuous positions
  • Wall-mounted on visible, polished stainless steel
    bracket supports
  • Integrated Multiconsole with exposed spouts for
    electronic soap dispenser, water faucet and hand dryer
  • Exposed spouts and drain are hand-finished chrome
  • Glass or anodized aluminum shelves for placement
    of small personal objects
  • Can stand-alone with wall-mounted electronic faucets



INTEGRA–B is a combination of the continuous trough-type solid surface washbasin with an attached backsplash that bears the sensors and electronic multiconsole. The multiconsole, constructed from a solid 1/2" chromed brass plate, integrates an electronic soap dispenser, water faucet and hand dryer into one unit. Stylish mirrors are fitted with backlit LED lights that shows users where to place their hands by illuminating the designations of “Soap,” “Water” and “Air.” 


A continuous solid surface trough washbasin and glass shelf 
with stylish modern visible spouts in chromed solid brass, 
fixed directly on the vertical panel which can be removed 
for inspection and maintenance.  


A continuous solid surface trough washbasin with water
spouts enclosed in a stylish contoured colored shelf. 
Available in all RAL colors, it can be matched with the 
furnishings of glassBOX.  



INTEGRA–G is a sophisticated combination of the electronic multiconsole, GIBBO washbasin and a luminous mirror. The synthesis is bold in its originality, mixing three different materials in a geometric form —white solid surface, chromed brass and glass. The solid surface washbasin is produced as one continuous single sheet with non-visible water drains and pipes underneath the basin. Stylish mirrors are fitted with backlit LED lights that shows users where to place their hands by illuminating the designations of “Soap,” “Water” and “Air.” A wall-mounted solid surface backsplash supports the multiconsole, a 1/2" thick chromed brass plate integrating a soap dispenser, water faucet and hand dryer into one unit. The multiconsole also serves as a shelf. Discreet sensors under the shelf direct the functionality. 

GIBBO is a solid surface 
integrated washbasin. 
Formulated in white with 
an oval anti-splash drain 
cover design, the washbasin 
is wall-mounted and 
produced in one to five 
multiple continuous positions. 

GIBBO can be combined 
with Soema single-hole and 
Soema wall-mounted faucets 
(in white glass and chrome). 

GIBBO A: for single-hole faucets.
GIBBO C: for wall-mounted
faucets or multiconsoles.



INTEGRA–A is a combination of a continuous handcrafted glass washbasin supported on polished stainless steel visible brackets, with an attached glass backsplash that supports the sensors and an electronic multiconsole. The multiconsole is a 1/2" thick chromed brass plate integrating an electronic soap dispenser, water faucet and hand dryer into one unit. The multiconsole also serves as a shelf. Discreet sensors under the shelf direct the functionality.


INTEGRA–V is a combination of a continuous handcrafted glass washbasin supported on polished stainless steel visible brackets, with an attached glass backsplash that supports the sensors, a glass shelf, and exposed square spouts for an electronic soap dispenser, water faucet and hand dryer. The glass washbasin is thermoformed with round corners from 5/8" glass, available in various RAL color options.



IALI is a handcrafted glass washbasin, thermoformed with round corners 
from 5/8" glass and available in various RAL color options. The washbasin 
can be produced in one, two or three continuous positions. Stylish mirrors are 
fitted with backlit LED lights that shows users where to place their hands by 
illuminating the designations of “Soap,” “Water” and “Air.”


IALI can be combined with
Soema wall-mounted automatic
water faucets or with SOEMA
wall-mounted soap dispensers
and multiconsoles. 

Electronic faucets and soap dispensers


Our glassDOOR product line provides a full range of colors in laminated, tempered glass that is resistant to scratches, cleaning detergents and atmospheric agents since all colored areas are between glass panels. The ecological approach is evident from the raw materials and ingredients used to create the structures, which will also contribute to make public sanitary areas more attractive and enjoyable. 

The glassDOOR line is not just a passive product; they are a stylish and harmonious solution to match the glass environments we create. The hardware is in anodized aluminum with a protective finish. The benefits of the glassDOOR is they provide all necessities in any sanitary project, giving the possibility to the architect or designer to have spherical glass solutions from one source. 


The glassLOCKER product line follows the total glass environment philosophy and offers the richness of glass for its true design aesthetic.
The series of lockers has been devised to furnish and embellish changing rooms by paying special attention to structural strength and elegant design styling. The structure in Compact High Pressure Phenolic Laminate (cHPL) provides durability, while the doors in 1/4" thick glass open to 180 degrees by means of self-lubricating hinges in anodized aluminum. The ledge profiles are equipped with rubber gaskets throughout the length of each door acting as shock absorbers. Locker bodies have built in slits to ensure adequate airflow for proper ventilation and drainage of any liquids.

The numbering on each door is laser printed on stainless steel plates or on special order, printed/etched on the glass doors. The lockers can be arranged either in sets of 1/2/3 columns or in a single column solution that has a modular configuration.

Further available options:

  • Support bench
  • Sloping hood
  • Padlock lock
  • Electronic lock
  • Air circulation system
  • Class A fire-retardant
  • Silk screen prints
    and/or graphics
  • cHPL decorative toe kick
  • Shelves
  • Shoe cubby
  • Hanging rod
    w/sliding hook


Particularly useful for changing rooms facilities, Compact High Pressure Phenolic Laminate (cHPL) lockers are available in a wide range of configurations, woodgrains and colors to suit customer needs. cHPL locker panels and doors are scratch-resistant with smoothed edges and rounded angles. Options have been devised in order to optimize space: with flat or sloping hood, with clean/dirty compartments, with forced air suction systems and with different types of inside compartments. The structure of the lockers is equipped with slits to ensure adequate airflow and/or drainage of liquids.


CARVART has curated glass colors and
anodized aluminum finishes to assist in
your design process. Should you require
more options, contact CARVART or your
sales representative, and we will partner
with you to select from the other colors
that are available.

Glass  Colors
Available in 26 standard colors, 
other RAL colors may be available 
subject to approval of samples.

The colors reproduced on this page 
may not accurately match the product.


Hardware Colors
Hardware is available 
in anodized aluminum.


Glass Finishes
Available in both Smooth finish, when 
a high-gloss reflective look is desired, 
or an Etch finish which is non-reflective 
and minimizes fingerprints.



Wood (Glass)
Our opaque wood interlayers are digitally printed and laminated “woodgrains” 
chosen for their natural aesthetic and 
variety. The beauty of wood combined 
with the durability of glass creates 
a highly functional surface.

Wood (cHPL) 
Curated from a classical and historical 
collection, our cHPL panels are offered
in a wide range of “woodgrains.” 

Stone and Marble (Porcelain)
Finishing effects of the porcelain sheets 
may vary from panel to panel. 
Sample colors are considered indicative. 


Product range and sizes


Handcrafted Technology

With unalterable belief, that our stance is the balanced choice to pursue excellence, we work passionately to ensure that every final product can reveal and project the story of Italian design culture and human artisan mastery. “Handcrafted Technology” is an attitude, where fulfillment is a journey of constant exploration and not a destination. It's a philosophy and way of life. 

Today, we're proud to function, research, design, continuously upgrade our workforce skills and production by using specially adopted programs, machinery, and technological solutions bonded with traditional tool elements, which have been formulated, developed and controlled through dedicated work, knowledge and craft experimentation. In this way, we motivate artisan persistence and insist in the “handcrafted final mastery touch” for all stages of our production. 

“Handcrafted Technology” predicates that inventive sensitivity and even more, necessity, must honor the final result by merging all human life standards and values with technology and progress. 

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