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Color > Our standard color palette consists of pure laminated glass with optional levels of translucencies and finish. CARVART only uses low iron glass to deliver colors that are brilliant and true. CARVART architectural glass supply is also available in opaque back painted options, including whites and metallics. By combining different opacities and color you can create products to your privacy and lighting requirements. Ideal applications include frameless doors, partitions, shower enclosures, wall claddings and more. Coordinates for Core and Textiles lines are available.

T (Transparent) - Color
T (Transparent)
R (Reflective) - Color
R (Reflective)
S1 (Shimmer 1) - Color
S1 (Shimmer 1)
S3 (Shimmer 3) - color
S3 (Shimmer 3)
T1 (Translucent 1) - Color
T1 (Translucent 1)
T2 (Translucent 2) - Color
T2 (Translucent 2)
T3 (Translucent 3) - Color
T3 (Translucent 3)
T4 (Translucent 4) - Color
T4 (Translucent 4)
O (Opaque) - Color
O (Opaque)
OT1 (Opaque Translucent 1) - Color
OT1 (Opaque Translucent 1)