CARVART is proud to announce the debut of our first-ever Chicago Studio. Located in the historic Merchandise Mart on the banks of the Chicago River, the studio represents a permanent investment in one of America’s leading design cities.


The Chicago Studio comes on the heels of our new 7,500 square-foot Manhattan studio and global headquarters. This new showcase incorporates many of the same products and design motifs as our headquarters, but on a smaller scale. Like in Manhattan, nearly every single surface and touch point, from walls to doors to cubicles, are finished with CARVART glass solutions. A product library with architectural and contract samples will also take center stage, providing designers with a variety of tools and opportunities to interact with the full line of CARVART products.


Set to debut on the eve of NeoCon 2017, the studio will be located in Suite 11-136 of The Mart. As a creative hub for the architects, designers, facility managers and specifiers, the space will offer a place for the A&D community to collaborate with CARVART product specialists, and wwill learn how their design dreams can be achieved through innovative architectural and contract glass products.

For those interested in a sneak peak of the Studio, NeoCon attendees and members of the A&D community are invited to tour the space from June 12-14 and attend a special cocktail reception on Monday, June 12th between 3-6pm. Regular business hours will be announced at a later date and will start at the conclusion of NeoCon.


Among the many contract products and commercial capabilities we already provide, the CARVART team is excited to introduce new offerings at our Chicago Studio. Designed to meet the growing demands of workplace functionality and open office collaboration these innovative products will debut at NeoCon and are available for designers to explore during the cocktail reception and throughout the show.

glassCUBE is the perfect solution for the trend of contemporary facility design and features glass enclosures to section off small areas of a facility for privacy and collaboration. The freestanding, non-construction based wall system with open ceiling that meets all the most important design needs for a facility manager.

Connected using simple spider brackets and header rails, glassCUBE is easy to put up and just as easy to move within a short notice to another part of the building. Unlike modular walls which are far more difficult and costly to move, glassCUBE transitions within a building without major disruption to the facility structure or floor.

When a presentation space demands a high degree of function and sophistication, glassBOARDSSliding Track provide a multitude of options to the presenter. This Sliding Track system allows multiple glass panels to slide easily in one-direction from the side or in two directions to the center, so numerous glassBOARDS can be used simultaneously or are available to hide sensitive information on a rear panel.

Users can post visual materials on Magnetic panels and just slide them away during a meeting. glassBOARDS, Sliding Track can mount within an enclosed room cavity or simply hang from a soffit above to add appeal and versatility to your conference rooms. Offered in a variety of colors and sizes, this solution is an upscale design for facilities looking for progressive innovation.

Also on display is the CARVART by Soema commercial bathroom collection. An Italian manufacturer, Soema partnered with CARVART to deliver a powerful offering of sleek, handcrafted and technologically advanced glass surfaces, washbasins, cubicles, doors and lockers for the American commercial interior design market.

Products include:

  • Glass Cubicles (glassBOX-T & glassBOX-F)
  • Glass/Porcelain Cubicles (stoneBOX)
  • Compact High Pressure Phenolic Laminate Cubicles (chplBOX & chplBOX Full Height)
  • Electronic Self-Sufficient Hand-washing Units (IALI, INTEGRA, INTEGRA-B, -S, -M, -G, -A & -V)
  • Electronic Faucets and Soap Dispensers
  • Doors (glassDOOR)
  • Lockers (glassLOCKER & chplLOCKER)

CARVART by Soema finishes are now available in 26 standard glass colors, along with four metallics and two surface options (smooth and etched). Compact High-Pressure Phenolic Laminate (chpl) Cubicle and Locker bodies come in four distinct color options. All body hardware across the line is bead blasted satin aluminum with a titanium finish as standard for stoneBOX and optional for other products. Additionally, glassBOX is available in 12 digitally printed wood grains, chpl is available in 12 textured and smooth wood grains, and finally, stoneBOX is offered in eight honed stone and four polished marble options when needed to blend in with existing natural materials or to make a bold style statement.

CARVART’s glassBOARDS are freestanding, surface-mounted writeable and erasable glass boards. The writeable glass surface is offered as magnetic or non-magnetic. Many interior projects, especially in the business sector, can be enhanced with CARVART’s versatile markerboards. The boards can be finished with low-profile anodized or painted aluminum frames or come in floating and frameless options.

Combining contemporary design with personal flexibility, Confer Movable glassSCREENS debut during NeoCon with an ultra-sleek minimal profile base and frame design. From CARVART’s Contract product line, Confer is flexible in a narrow size to accommodate small meeting rooms or impromptu meeting spaces while larger models can travel between an open plan area and conference room. Confer is available in a broad range of glass and frame finishes to match or provide contrast. Most importantly, Confer glassSCREENS blend seamlessly with all the other CARVART interior products.

The prominence of using markerglass as wallcladding has continued to grow and evolve as companies seek new ways of working and improving teamwork. CARVART’s glassWALLCLAD full-height solution allows the ability for interior walls to be covered from top-to-bottom, enhancing meeting spaces for optimal use from brainstorming ideas to posting documents.

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