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From  entryways and elevator lobbies to workstations and collaboration areas, and nearly everything in between.

Sophistication and luxury for hotels, restaurants, lounges, and more.

Stadiums, convention centers, airports and government centers, we have the solutions for you.

The ultimate material for fitness facilities and spas.


Innovative solutions to stimulate and promote growth.

Elevate your buying experience with CARVART.

Offering comfort through transparency.

Where design meets function, and hygiene is at the forefront of planning.


CARVART’s design solutions have made a significant impact on today’s office environments. From entryways and elevator lobbies to workstations and collaboration areas, CARVART can be used to create cohesive spaces with seamless aesthetics. 

Our Client - NIKE


Our experience providing sophisticated, luxurious architectural glass and bath solutions started with the hospitality industry. The need for architectural glass to develop beautiful spaces pushed us to create and drive innovation in materials and design aesthetic. Notable upscale hotels, restaurants, casinos and high profile lounges have commissioned CARVART as their preferred supplier. From one-off glass art installations to multi-room projects, CARVART has developed a deep knowledge base and connection with many of the biggest names in hospitality.

Our Client - The Ritz-Carlton
Our Client - W Hotels


CARVART has a strong reputation for being a can-do, go-to provider. The scale and complexity of high-profile projects like stadiums, convention centers, airports and government centers requires an increased focus on coordination, project management and planning. CARVART’s team approach consistently tackles challenges, even on projects where others have failed.


CARVART’S architectural glass offering has elevated the design integrity of numerous hospitals, medical centers and treatment facilities across the United States. Designers trust CARVART to introduce and
guide solutions that are functional, hygienic, and aesthetic. CARVART’s turnkey approach takes all critical design and construction factors into account, making us a leader in the healthcare industry.


CARVART has been influential in adding value through functional solutions in universities, educational institutions, and museums. Inherently, each project has its challenges. CARVART has the experience and knowledge to provide custom engineered solutions to solve even the most difficult proposals. 

Our products are featured throughout campuses including in libraries, student centers, wellness centers, classrooms, auditoriums, and dining halls. CARVART is also often the company of choice when it comes to supplying glass and hardware products for athletic facilities such as changing room lockers, shower stalls, restroom cubicles and team meeting rooms. 

With a wide range of experience supplying engraved flooring tiles, customized walls, and informational graphics, CARVART is the perfect partner.


Retail spaces are designed to promote superior buying experiences. CARVART offers a wide range of aesthetically-conscious and functionally versatile products, such as adjustable glass shelving and display systems, CARVART creates a context that is perfect for your target market. By collaborating with CARVART, you can achieve a unique ambiance for your customer-focused retail environment.

Client List - Infiniti


CARVART partners with real estate developers, glaziers, architects, and designers to achieve optimal results across large scale multi-tenant projects. CARVART understands that multi-tenant projects have unique schedules that require project-specific phasing during construction and production. We are sensitive to project time lines and details that can have impact. We work with customers to craft a specific schedule to ensure their deadlines are met.


CARVART provides superior quality products, making any space feel luxurious and opulent. Within health club and spa, clients’ and guests’ needs are addressed with CARVART products, such as glass lockers, glass shower enclosures, mirrors, glass bathroom cubicles, and more. With CARVART, no detail is overlooked.
Client List - Rebook
Client List - The YMCA

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