Gratitude & New Beginnings

Gratitude & New Beginnings

Dear friends and family,   

I want to wish you, your loved ones, and your friends a happy and healthy New Year! May we all look forward to this new beginning and take solace in the promise of brighter days ahead.   

While we jump into the start of this New Year, I’d like to take a moment of pause to acknowledge the universal impact of 2020 and express my sincere gratitude to the members of the CARVART family and beyond for helping us navigate a challenging time.  

When Covid-19 hit, the world was incapacitated by the threat of the unknown. We remember the ensuing months with heavy hearts, as the devastation of sickness, isolation, and financial ruin brought immense suffering and fear. I am thankful that CARVART’s team showed-up for each other with support and commitment- the integrity and camaraderie at the center of CARVART’s culture allowed us to shift-gears and keep going. Throughout quarantine, we began each day with an all-hands huddle. This gathering quickly became an important space to assess our setbacks, motivate each other, and celebrate small wins. On our weekly rep calls, we encouraged our representatives around the country with a sense of community, as well as product and training resources to empower their productivity. We are incredibly grateful for their hard work and commitment to CARVART during the pandemic’s instability.   

When lock-down periods limited our operations, team-members and international partners stepped-in without hesitation to work with our clients and ensure we could reach our goals. We are lucky to have such loyal clients and partners- because of their meaningful collaboration, we overcame manufacturing obstacles, continued with product development, and completed projects. Recognizing new safety needs, the team worked together to rapidly engineer, produce, and distribute glass shields from our Brooklyn factory to locations all over the country. Their innovation not only helped keep people safe but is an invaluable asset to our company.   

I am both saddened and humbled when discussing CARVART’s challenges, as many others have faced far more devastating burdens. Quarantine and working amid a pandemic have undoubtedly overwhelmed most aspects of our lives. Despite these difficulties, I am grateful that the CARVART family showed a willingness to adapt, compromise, and grow. Our network worked hard to foster connection and realize commitments despite different time-zones, safety regulations, and capabilities. Ironically, our distance and differences made us come closer together and stronger than ever before. During the past 12 months, CARVART was able to launch a record seven new products- two of which were honored with Interior Design Magazine’s Best of Year Product Awards. We are blessed to have secured exciting new projects and look forward to their development this year.   

Waking up each day with the will to set goals for tomorrow takes grit and bravery, and the people, partners, and clients of this company have given us the privilege to keep doing so. Our resilience in 2020 proved that despite years of growth, the family, and connections we have built share CARVART’s original values of humility and hard work.   

I wish you all good fortune this New Year. I look forward to developing our invaluable partnerships, creating with long-standing and new clients, and growing this incredible CARVART family. Happy New Year to you, your friends, and family- sending love to all in 2021.  


Edward Geyman 

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