2020 Interior Design's Best of Year Product Awards​
2020 Interior Design Magazine HiP Awards​
2020 #Metropolislikes NeoCon Winners​
Architects' Newspaper 2020 Best of Product Awards​


Looking for solutions to protect customers and employees? Look not further than CARVART’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  We offer a full catalogue of innovative products, designed to maintain interpersonal interactions and reduce the spread of air-borne transmissions. Our products are not only sleek, sophisticated and modern, but also innovative in how minimal they are compared to products offered by other manufacturers. Choose from CARVART’s dazzling array of colors and materials to fit your design aesthetic and desired functionality.

2020 #MetropolisLukes NeoCon Winners

2020 Interior Design's Best of Year Product Awards

A sophisticated series of wall and ceiling interior clad products with a wide range and high level of acoustic properties, fire safety, and sustainable attributes with an innovative offering to create beautifully designed environments inspired by nature.

CARVART’s innovative interior and exterior glass railing and cladding system, glassRAILINGS > Plan, features a completely flush, structurally glazed product that conceals all mounting hardware and attachment methods, giving the system a frameless, flush look.

2020 Interior Design Magazine HiP Awards

CARVART’s sleek glassSCREENS > Shield compliments all  
environments and protects from the spread of germs.  glassSCREENS > Shield is perfect for reception areas, collaborative spaces, administrative or work areas, waiting rooms, fitness spaces, and more.

2020 #Metropolislikes NeoCon Winners

CARVART’s sleek glassSCREENS > Shield compliments all environments and protects from the spread of germs.  glassSCREENS > Shield features natural anti-porous and scratch-resistant glass that withstands harsh chemicals and ensures greater product longevity. 

The collection can be tailor-made and incorporates features such as add-on units, transaction windows, protection screens with shutters, no-draft speak-through windows, and casters. 

Architects' Newspaper 2020 Best of Product Awards

CARVART’s Commercial Bath products are available with a wide range of finishes that empowers designers to create and design cohesive looks within one space. The benefit of using a single-source for all the finish and integrated products is that the look and functional systems are pre-engineered to look stunning and are easier to install than traditional bathroom methods. Cubicles and wallCLAD are available in glass, stone and marble [porcelain], cHPL, and cHPL wood grain. 

CARVART’S glassSTACKWALL systems have minimized frame detailing that can be combined with thousands of different CARVART glass possibilities, resulting in a tailored appearance in your space, privacy flexibility, acoustical barriers and high-quality performance. This translates into an overall design success that maximizes the visual connection between two adjoining areas. 

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