Use Your Mind and Body – Tips for Maintaining Personal and Communal Health

Use Your Mind and Body – Tips for Maintaining Personal and Communal Health

Since March, Covid-19 has caused universal anxiety, uncertainty, and distress. Fear of contracting the virus, countless days in isolation, the stress of unemployment, and challenges of remote learning, have caused the pandemic to wreak havoc on the mental health of many individuals.  

As we approach the ninth month of covid-restricted living, many are growing exhausted of the limitations caused by socially-distant living. However, as the United States braces for a second wave of Covid-19, it is important to remember the pivotal role the public plays in slowing the spread of the virus and ensuring the safety and mental health of our communities.  

In order to avoid shutdowns and the difficulties of isolated living, top health experts have asserted the need for strict adherence to social distancing.  While some lifestyle changes are unavoidable, it is possible and important to enjoy some of the mood-boosting activities of pre-pandemic life. With the proper tools and safety measures in place, we can embrace experiences that foster connection.  

Here at CARVART, we are doing our part to keep ourselves and our city safe, happy, and moving. We’re sharing some of our favorite socially-distant activities, and how they help us stay motivated and safe during this challenging time.  

1) Exercise 

Our glassSCREEN > Shield > Framed system keeps gym-goers safe, and easily moves for quick adjustments to your exercise space.

Getting up and breaking a sweat is guaranteed to benefit our bodies and minds. Especially when feeling confined to a small apartment or a hectic house, cutting out some time for fitness is a great escape. If you’re taking a walk or run outside, be sure to wear a mask. If you’re hitting the gym or your favorite studio class, keep your mask on and make sure machines and workout stations are at least 6 feet apart. Ideally, screens, like our movable glassSCREEN > Shield > Framed, pictured below, will separate you and others. Movable screens are optimal for this environment because they can be easily re-positioned to meet the spatial needs of individuals’ exercises.  

Regardless of where or how you chose to elevate your heart-rate, don’t feel that you have to go at it alone; ask a friend to join for masked and socially-distant company or some good old fashion competition.

2) Retail Therapy

Our glassSCREENS > SHIELD > Frameless keeps both clerks and customers safe. 

Whether you’re hitting the grocery store or your favorite boutique, getting out to shop is a great way to support local businesses and safely interact with others. As always, keep your mask on the whole time, and keep a respectful distance from other shoppers.  

If stores have designated aisles for navigation, follow accordingly. When checking out, most clerks will have a protective shield with a cutout to pass products and merchandise through. Do NOT reach through the opening to hand them items- instead, allow them to instruct you as to how they want to proceed. It’s important to keep everyone safe!  

Don’t forget- a warm please and thank you can make someone’s day!  

If using a public restroom, make sure to keep a respectful distance and avoid touching germ-covered surfaces when possible. Wash your hands thoroughly, (try singing the chorus to your favorite song…twice) and use automated dispensers and openings if possible.  

CARVART’S integraGLASS > A sink module features automated faucets, soap dispensers, and dryers for a contactless washing experience.

We encourage you to check out your local bookstore! Be sure to ask a sales associate for their recommendations!  

3) Food with Friends

Kissaki, a sushi restaurant in NYC, using our glassSCREENS > Shields > Frameless at their sushi bar for the ultimate safe dining experience.

Grabbing a bite to eat is a great way to schedule in some social time and treat yourself. After making sure that you and your guests are recently tested and safe for a visit, support a local eatery, and take the time to check in on each other.   

While restaurant capacity is limited in some states, a safe dining establishment will either have tables that are spread at least 6 feet apart, or have screens partitioning tables. Additionally, some restaurants offer bar seating with a screen between guests and restaurant staff.  

Kissaki in NYC is using our glassSCREENS> Shield s > Frameless to keep their patrons safe. The frameless glass is so unobtrusive it feels like there is no screen at all!  

Be sure to wear your mask when patrons and servers are near, and when moving about the restaurant.  

We always like to leave a tip of 20% or more to support hard-working servers! 

4) Collaboration

We’re keeping safe in our conference rooms with glassPOST.

Working and learning remote can take a real toll on the sense of connection between peers and colleagues. Here at CARVART, our office is open, and our team is able to collaborate in person and online. At the office, we have taken several measures to ensure each other’s safety, such as alternating teams to certain days in the office, wearing masks, keeping 6 feet apart, and the use of glass screens. The variety of our glassSCREENS > Workstations, Shields, and Posts – allows us to work together in different spaces throughout the office.   

Because our screens are made of glass, they are not only easy to clean, but they maintain their crystal clarity through heavy use. Unlike fragile plexi-glass, glass doesn’t dissolve from cleaning products or easily scratch, preventing germs from hiding in small crevices on the surface.  

Whether at our enclosed desks or around the conference table, we enjoy the stimulation of working together and connecting with people throughout the office. 

Our individual desks are protected with our innovative glassSCREENS > Workstations

Whether it’s a walk around the block or a trip to your favorite store, safely engaging with others allows us to keep our minds and bodies healthy. While these activities may seem simple, keeping up with even the most basic practices is a key aspect of self-care. We can control the spread of Covid-19 through careful consideration of our communities’ health.  

In order to avoid another covid-spike, we need to make an extremely conscious effort to keep each other safe through adherence to public health guidelines.  

Protect yourselves and others with masks and spatial partitions, and don’t forget to be kind to one another. 

For any questions regarding our many protective products, please reach out to us at [email protected]. We are your partners in the quest for beautiful, healthy, and safe spaces.

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