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The solidSINK > Integra is the ideal solution for any modern and busy commercial bath space. The system features a prefabricated, integrated unit with dryer, soap dispenser and faucet included in one housing and secured with a tamper-proof fastener. The system is easy to install and even to easier in remove and maintain. The minimal 3/8” thick shelf dispenses air, soap and water without additional fixtures to clutter the sink area. The LED back-lit mirror has LED indicators to show where the dryer, soap dispenser and faucet are below the shelf.

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All electronics are UL Listed and housed in safe, pre-fabricated, integrated housing.

Sinks are designed to meet typical ADA code for clearances and height requirements for both sinks and mirrors.




Non-porous materials maintain hygienic environments

ADA-compliant and accessibility-sensitive products

UL Listed

Easy installation

Minimal look with concealed hardware

System durability and long-term Integrity

Hardware Finishes
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Satin Anodized
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