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Metal Pattern cHPL

To streamline the process of selecting and sampling elegant cHPL material options for our architectural products, CARVART has curated a range of standard decorative compact high-pressure laminate [cHPL] that allows total freedom for designing expressive environments.

Explore the beauty of cHPL Metals with a homogenous non-porous surface.


CARVART's Metal cHPL offering brings the elegance of simple metals into any space for a modern and sophisticated look.

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Tips & Benefits


Durable, easy to clean and maintain

With CARVART’s Commercial Bath cubicles, we offer a cHPL panel with one or both side surface embossed

Mix and match cHPL with our unique glass patterns, textures, and interlayers for added visual interest

Use cHPL Metal for an elegant and cost effective look

Pair the Abet Laminati’s cHPL Metal with the Polaris line featuring a velvety smooth finish for a modern and elegant look

Mix and match Abet Laminati’s cHPL Metal with cHPL Woodgrain and Rock for added interest

Carvart Pattern Carvart Pattern
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