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LaGuardia Airport

Located in Queens, New York, LaGuardia Airport is the third-busiest airport serving the New York Metropolitan area. CARVART collaborated with HOK to design custom GRAPHICglass and moveableWALLS for LaGuardia’s highly-secure TSA entryway. CARVART served as the primary coordinator between multiple agencies and design partners (TSA, NYPATH, architects, general contractors, and glass glaziers).

Given the entrance’s strict visibility requirements, we designed custom GRAPHICglass measuring approximately 300 feet wide and 16 feet tall with multiple printed layers to create a highly-secure barrier that allows for the transmission of natural light, provides a unique and inspiring visual presence, and meets all safety regulations and design priorities. CARVART also created custom curved GRAPHICglass with matching visuals.

Safety requirements demanded that the glassWALLS extend floor-to-ceiling. Using our glassSTACKWALLS > Frameless system, our designers engineered a sleek yet easily movable portal within the main wall, granting TSA the ability to control traffic and security seamlessly. 


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