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When your presentation space demands a high degree of function and sophistication, glassBOARDS, Sliding Track provide a multitude of options to the presenter. CARVART’s Sliding Track system allows multiple glass panels to slide easily in one-direction from the side or in two directions to the center, so numerous glassBOARDS can be used simultaneously or are available to hide sensitive information on a rear panel. Users can post visual materials on magnetic panels and just slide them away during a meeting.

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Pick from CARVART’s collection of marker board hardware and combine with glass collections and hardware finishes.

Combine aesthetic with functionality by using pre-approved CARVART magnetic accessories.



Affordable, economical design

Premium, tint-free low-iron glass

Evenly balanced, low-VOC, 100% opaque black paint

Tamper-free hardware

Broadest selection of size and finish options

Produced in America

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